Axiomtek AI developer kit comes with Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX SoM with up to 21 TOPs

Axiomtek AI developer kit comes with Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX SoM with up to 21 TOPs


Axiomtek, a provider of industrial computer solutions, has recently announced the launch of the AIE110-XNX AI developer kit. This edge computing kit is designed to allow developers to create advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing applications. Inside this developer kit is the powerful Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX System-on-Module, which enables users to leverage its high performance and AI inference capabilities.

The Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX SoM is a compact module that packs the capabilities of the Nvidia Xavier System-on-Chip into a form factor as small as the Jetson Nano. With this module, developers can leverage performance and power efficiency to enhance their embedded AI and edge systems. The module comes with a wide range of input/output interfaces, including high-speed CSI, PCIe, and low-speed I2Cs and GPIOs, enabling easy integration with various peripherals and sensors.

The Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX claims to bring supercomputer-level performance to the edge, all within a compact system-on-module. It can deliver up to 21 TOPs (trillion operations per second) of AI-accelerated computing power. This allows the module to be able to execute parallel instructions of modern neural networks and efficient processing of data from multiple high-resolution sensors. This capability becomes important for developing edge AI systems that require robust computational capabilities.

Axiomtek AIE110-XNX Edge AI Developer Kit Front View

“The Jetson Xavier NX enables AI at the edge with powerful computing performance, while keeping the small form factor of the Jetson Nano. This makes it possible to deploy containerized Azure solutions with AI acceleration at scale for applications like processing multiple camera feeds, more sophisticated robotics applications, and edge AI gateway scenarios,” says Moe Tanabian, General Manager of Azure Edge Devices, Microsoft.

In addition to its powerful hardware, the AIE110-XNX AI developer kit also features device monitoring and management services by Allxon. With Allxon’s comprehensive remote management solutions, users can efficiently monitor and manage their edge AI devices. This enables simplified device maintenance, firmware updates, and system health monitoring, resulting in improved overall management and deployment experience.

Axiomtek has not made the AI developer kit available online; however, interested developers can contact the company for more details.

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