A DIY UV Sanitizer for your smartphone

A DIY UV Sanitizer for your smartphone

BotFactory Inc writes:

“Pandemic,” it’s a scary word to hear. Especially when it’s accompanied by panic-buying of canned goods, pasta, and the disappearance of most disinfecting products from stores. As soon as various media outlets started filling up their news cycles with stories about the coronavirus, alcohol, hand sanitizer, and other disinfectants flew off the shelves. Panic-buying left the most vulnerable without essential goods needed to protect themselves, with little recourse available. Facing such a bleak scenario, one such person turned to their son, Md, a BotFactory applications engineer for help.

“Hey son, when you’re done removing the viruses from my computer, can you remove the viruses from my phone too?” Asked Md’s father. “Sure dad, gimme a few minutes, this will take a little time since we don’t have any disinfectant left,” responded Md. Both of them looked at each other quizzically. Then Md was struck with a brilliant idea; a bright idea, if you will. Ultraviolet light, in particular UVC light, is a shortwave ultraviolet light which can kill germs. Md thought to himself, “This would be a great way to clean items without any disinfectants.” The added benefit to using UV light instead of the highly sought-after cleaners, was that there was no need to go to the store or to lessen the availability of such products for others. Md was approached with a problem and delivered a very efficient and socially responsible (thinking of you Grandma!) solution.

A DIY UV Sanitizer for your smartphone – [Link]

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