DytSpectrumOwl: The World’s First Desktop Thermal Analyzer

DytSpectrumOwl: The World’s First Desktop Thermal Analyzer

DytSpectrumOwl’s CA-20 is the first-ever Desktop Thermal Analyzer that is developed by the Shenzhen Dianyang company. This innovative device makes use of infrared thermal imaging technology to detect any anomaly in a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) of a mobile or laptop device. It senses the temperature of the PCBA to correctly determine the defective area to help with the speedy discovery and repair of faults in a PCBA.

DytSpectrumOwl Analyzer

A printed circuit board is basically a board that mechanically supports and electrically connects all the electronic components placed on the board in order to make a working circuit. It is a combination of conductive and non-conductive layers. PCBs are the foundation of electronic products and they are used in almost every electronic device including laptops and mobile phones.

Since these electronic devices are being constantly used without any break it can lead to overheating of the PCB. Monitoring PCB temperature is important as higher temperatures can affect the performance of the PCB or even cause it to break down. Measuring the PCB temperature is also important because if not detected in time the heat can quickly spread to other components and cause more damage.

Analyzing the Temperature with DytSpectrumOwl

DytSpectrumOwl helps engineers and the concerned mobile repair businesses to ensure the quality of the PCB and help in finding any faults. To analyze the PCB temperature we can simply place it on the base plate, connect the DytSpectrumOwl device to the computer and run the software. By placing the PCB under the DytSpectrumOwl thermal imaging camera, we can see a detailed overview of the different heat levels of the PCB. Selecting the feature called “Highlight High Temp Area” can help us determine the exact location of the component that is overheating which proves that the part is defected and needs to be repaired or replaced.

PCB Thermal Imaging

Features of DytSpectrumOwl

DytSpectrumOwl provides a lot of features:

  • Offers a number of measurement tools: points, lines, rectangles, polygons, and isometric partition maps
  • Uses up to 16 color palettes, that are apt for a wide variety of applications
  • Multiple thermal imaging methods like dynamic temperature distribution highlighted high-temperature regions, and isotherms
  • Provides a varying data display of temperature like high, low, and average temperature.
  • A number of temperature change curve displays: global temperature, 40 points of temperature measurement, 20 areas of temperature measurement
  • 3d model temperature display that can be used to observe small currents
  • Comparison feature through which we can distinguish between a normal PCB and a defected one

To know more about DytSpectrumOwl, check out their product page.

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