ePulse Feather – Low Power ESP32 development board

ePulse Feather – Low Power ESP32 development board

Low power ESP32 development board. The ePulse from ThingPulse is the perfect companion for your battery-powered IoT projects.

Optimized for Low Power Consumption

ePulse Feather, the low power ESP32 development board, is optimized for applications where a low sleep current and LiPo battery support is required. The VIN pin accepts voltages between 3V3 and 6V. When the ePulse board is in deep sleep it only consumes between 12uA (above 3.3V) and 27uA (below 3.3V). Most ESP32 and ESP8266 board consume around 100 – 130uA.

This low sleep consumption is perfect for applications where the device sleeps most of the time and only wakes up from time to time to complete a task. For instance, a WiFi remote control for home automation can sleep until the user presses one of the buttons. The device wakes up, connects to WiFi, sends the command over MQTT and goes back to sleep until the next time a button is pressed.


  • 12-27uA in deep sleep
  • VIN: 3.3 – 6V
  • 8MB Flash
  • Access to 20 GPIO pins
  • LiPo charging circuit
  • Follows Adafruit Feather form factor specification
  • Includes male header pins (1×12 and 1×16)

Easy Programming

The onboard UART CH9102F by WCH lets you easily program the ESP32 from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. In our tests, we could use the highest transmission rates of 921600 bauds to re-program the chip within seconds. Regular ESP32 upload programs can automatically set the module into flashing mode.

Powerful ESP32 Module

This board takes advantage of the ESP32-WROVER-E module which breaks out many of the ESP32’s pins. It also comes with 8MB PSRAM which enables you to implement memory-hungry applications like embedded machine learning or using a graphics driver with a frame buffer. Please note that current software stacks might limit the PSRAM usage to 4MB. The WROVER-E module has passed several certification programs like FCC and CE. 

The ePulse development board gives you access to no less than 20 GPIO pins.



The ePulse Feather can be preordered for $12.50 (pre-order discount) from ThingPulse.com. Shipping is expected to start by the end of February 2023.

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