ESP32-C3 Now Controls, Monitors, and Debug USB PD Thanks to Spark Analyzer

ESP32-C3 Now Controls, Monitors, and Debug USB PD Thanks to Spark Analyzer

Cambridge, UK-based startup ElektroThing announced a new tool to simplify USB Power Delivery (PD) projects. This compact tool harnesses the power of the ESP32-C3 for precise power monitoring and control.

This tool uses a USB Type-C input and will be able to wirelessly monitor and adjust voltage levels with the help of an App, that is still in development. The device can output 5V, 9V, 15V, or 20V and can hold up to 100 Watts of power thanks to the FUSB302MPX Power Delivery control chip. The board also has a CC6904SO-10A current sensor and Diodes Incorporated DMP3017SFG-7 field-effect transistor (FET). which all together takes care of the major functionality of the board. and the whole system runs on a power supply delivering 500mA at 3.3V.

Key Features

  • USB-C Power Delivery Compatibility: Fully compatible with USB-C Power Delivery, making it versatile for various devices and applications.
  • Wireless Control and Logging: With built-in Wi-Fi and BLE, you can control and log data wirelessly using your smartphone, eliminating the need for physical buttons and allowing remote operation.
  • Adjustable Voltage Output: Precisely control voltage levels with options for 5 V, 9 V, 15 V, and 20 V, catering to your project’s specific needs.
  • Compact and Sleek Design: Designed for inline integration, Spark Analyzer seamlessly attaches to UCPD compatible power sources without the need for additional equipment.
  • IO Breakout: Incorporate higher voltage into your projects with ease, thanks to Spark Analyzer’s separate 3.3V power domain.
  • Power Analyzer Capability: Measure your project’s current draw with precision, enabling you to understand your power requirements better and optimize accordingly.
  • Software Safety Cut-off: Ensures protection against excessive current draw by switching off the output FET during high current scenarios.
  • Output FET: Provides control over the high voltage output, giving you more command over your power delivery.
  • Open Source Development: Spark Analyzer is open source, allowing for customization and expansion of its capabilities. Dive into the GitHub repo for detailed documentation.

The YJ of electrothings says:

The sleek design of Spark Analyzer ensures easy attachment to any existing UCPD compatible wall wart or power source, without the necessity of additional stands or tables. Its compact form factor guarantees flexibility and convenience, making voltage control and data logging accessible and trouble-free.

Key Features of the Spark Analyzer

  • USB-C PD Compatibility: Versatile for a range of devices and applications.
  • Wireless Control: Built-in Wi-Fi and BLE for remote smartphone operation.
  • Adjustable Voltage: Options of 5V, 9V, 15V, and 20V for project needs.
  • Sleek Design: Inline integration with UCPD power sources.
  • IO Breakout: Easy high-voltage incorporation with 3.3V domain.
  • Power Analysis: Precise current draw measurement for optimization.
  • Safety Cut-off: Automatic shutdown during high current events.
  • Output Control: Mastery over high voltage delivery.
  • Open Source: Customizable with detailed GitHub documentation.

The Spark Analyzer will soon start its crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply. Meanwhile, its design files and source code are available on GitHub under the MIT license.

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