FemtoFET – 20V 500mA 0.6×0.7mm MOSFET From TI

FemtoFET – 20V 500mA 0.6×0.7mm MOSFET From TI

Texas Instruments “TI” recently announced  FemtoFET series.
There are N-channel MOSFETS like CSD15380F3 and P-channel MOSFETS like CSD25480F3 and CSD23280F3 in this series. These transistors are SMD (Surface Mount Devices) available in a very small package, the land grid array (LGA) package.

Traditional SOT-23 package next to the CSD18541F5 LGA package. Image Source: TI

To explore this family we will highlight the FemotoFET MOSFET CSD15380F3. It has a 20V Vds, 990 mohm Rds @ Vgs=8, 500mA maximum Id, 0.5W power dissipation and ultra-small LGA Footprint 0.73 mm × 0.64 mm which make it suitable for many handheld and mobile applications.

Pin-out of CSD15380F3
Pin-out of CSD15380F3
LGA Package
LGA Package

The new MOSFET has Qg = 0.216 nC Ultra-low capacitance and that improves switching speeds in data line applications.

Table Source: Product Page
Table Source: Product Page

It’s available on Mouser for 0.47$ for 1 unit order and 0.05$ for 1,000 unit order and need 6 weeks lead time.
Via: TI E2E Community Blog

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Bob Kondner

I wrote a lot of code to automate SMT assembly and over the last 15 years I played with a lot of solder paste.

I love the small size of these parts, I would love to use them, but if you look at the datasheet you see the solder paste stencil aperture in under 6 mil. Getting solder paste to release from such an opening is going to be tough. If you try to assemble by hand it is not going to be easy.

If you use this part in production your assembly folks will scream bloody murder.

One machine I wrote code for (Gerber to GenCAD translation) was the MYDATA MY600 paste printer. That machine uses very special (IE expensive and hard to get) Type 6 paste in a very fluid flux. Now that you might get through a stencil but it is not something you want to use on a complete board using a single thin stencil. The MY600 does a great job, the first time I saw a board come off the machine my jaw dropped. (They ain’t cheap at $250K.)

Consider the part carefully but please also consider what you can see and assemble.

Bob K

yahya tawil

Interesting note to take into consideration before adopting this new transistor. But it’s still an outstanding transistor I think.

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