Fujitsu Semiconductor Releases World’s Largest Density 8Mbit ReRAM Product from September

Fujitsu Semiconductor Releases World’s Largest Density 8Mbit ReRAM Product from September

Featuring memory with the industry’s smallest read current, optimal for small wearable devices

Fujitsu Semiconductor announced the release of the 8 Mbit ReRAM MB85AS8MT, which has the world’s largest density as a mass-produced ReRAM product, available from September 2019. This ReRAM product was jointly developed with Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co..

The MB85AS8MT is an EEPROM-compatible non-volatile memory with SPI-interface that operates with a wide range of power supply voltages from 1.6 V to 3.6 V. One major feature of this memory is an extremely small average current for read operations of 0.15 mA at an operating frequency of 5 MHz. This enables minimal battery consumption when mounted in battery-operated applications with frequent data-read operations.

Since it can be provided in a very small WL-CSP (Wafer Level Chip Size Package), it is optimal for battery-operated small wearable devices such as hearing aids, smart watches, and smart band.

Fujitsu Semiconductor offers various Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) products featuring higher write endurance and faster write speeds compared to EEPROM and flash memory. Our FRAM products are becoming known as the optimal non-volatile memory for very frequent data logging and for writing data protection against sudden power outages. Meanwhile, some customers have been requesting memory that uses less current for read operations because their applications perform operations with small data write counts and very frequent data reading.

In order to meet such needs, this new non-volatile ReRAM memory has been developed with the two features of “large density enabling byte-access” and “small read current.” This time, our company has newly developed the MB85AS8MT, featuring world-class largest density in the ReRAM family at 8 Mbit. Its electric specifications, such as commands and timings, are compatible with EEPROM products.

Therefore, mounted in battery-operated applications with frequent data-read operations, such as specific program reading or setting data reading, it enables minimal battery consumption due to its very small read current.

The package is an EEPROM-compatible 8-pin small outline package (SOP). In addition, a very small 11-pin WL-CSP package of 2 mm × 3 mm is available for mounting in small wearable devices.

Key Specifications

  • Memory density (configuration): 8 Mbit (1M words × 8 bits)
  • Interface: Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Operating power supply voltage: 1.6 V–3.6 V
  • Operating frequency: Maximum 10 MHz
  • Low кead operating current: 0.15 mA (average value at 5 MHz)
  • Write cycle time: 10 ms
  • Page size: 256 bytes
  • Guaranteed write cycles: 1 million cycles
  • Guaranteed read cycles: Unlimited
  • Data retention: 10 years (up to 85 °C)
  • Package: 11-pin WL-CSP, 8-pin SOP

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