How to get free coupons for your next PCB Project using PCBWay

How to get free coupons for your next PCB Project using PCBWay

Coupons are a great way to save money when purchasing something, but finding one could be somehow tricky most of the times and not all business owners offer coupons. PCB making and manufacturing can be sometimes expensive depending on your point of view and using coupons is a win-win situation. In this post, I will highlight some easy ways to secure coupons for free for reducing the cost of your printed circuit board project, and sometimes you might not even need to pay for them. Coupons will be helpful especially when you are embarking on large-scale PCB manufacturing and assembly, as those little bucks matter.

PCBWay, the Shenzhen-based manufacturing company specializes in PCB prototyping, PCB Assembly, SMD Stencil, and several others have been pushing the boundaries of the PCB Technology ever since why still impacting to the maker’s community as much as possible. PCBWay has provided an avenue for innovators, students, makers, engineers, teachers to make their printed circuit boards and still get value for their money.

Below are some ways to quickly get free coupons for your next PCB project on PCBWay:

  • Through the PCBWay Sponsorship Program – The PCBWay sponsorship program is available for teachers, students and anyone that is ready to opensource their next PCB project. Users can get about 10 – 15 % discount and some even going ahead getting up to $100 cash coupons which only reward 5 times in a month. For more about the PCBWay Sponsorship program, visit the sponsorship page here.


  • Through the Powerful Referral Program – Referral programs have been used in several online platforms to allow users to earn free money or coupons by inviting others. PCBWay referral program gifts cash and coupons to new and existing members of their platform. Users need to invite new members to use the platform through the referral link; For every new user that gets added through the referral link, you will get a $20 discount coupon after any successful payment from that member. Also, you will earn 10% of the amount they spend on their first order. More information about the referral program can be found here.



  • Through Shared Coupons – After a user completed an order on PCBWay, the user will see a description of sharing coupons popping on top of the page, and this popup can be shared with friends, and by successfully sharing these coupons, you stand a chance of winning some yourself.

  • Get Commision for Sharing Your Project to the World – If you are ready to share your PCB project to the community, you can get a potential 10% commission or discount for the total PCB cost. Learn more here.
  • Share your experience – After using PCBWay, you can get some pretty coupon deals by just telling the world about your experience. Make a review video on Youtube/Instagram/Facebook or any other social media platform of your choice and stand a chance to win about $20 to $100 cash coupon that can be claimed in your next order. If you can make your video reach up to 500 views, you will get a full 100% discount on your order. Learn more here.
  • Get involved in PCB design contest – PCBWay organizes design contest periodically, and you can participate to win some fantastic prices there. The 2nd edition of the PCBWay design contest is on, and you can find out more on the competition page.

PCBWay is always looking for ways to make its customer happier every day and most importantly grow the maker’s community by offering special deals, coupons, competition, and others. You can find out about several potential coupons, prices and deals from the PCBWay Free PCB page here.

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