ioNode – The Dooba development board

ioNode – The Dooba development board


A microcontroller development board for all your needs

Whether you’re just playing around on a breadboard or actively designing an end-user product, the ioNode makes building digital circuits a breeze.

With its very small footprint, it can be used to build applications of any size with ease.

Featuring the powerful ATMEGA1284P AVR microcontroller, you’ll have enough Flash, RAM and I/O to do virtually anything!

The ioNode also features a USB port and a USB-UART. In other words, it can talk to your computer over USB! We even provide a tutorial for USB communication.



  • CPU Clock: 10MHz
  • Flash: 128 Kb
  • RAM: 16 Kb

I/O: 29 (30 in total but one is hardwired to onboard LED)

  • 21 Digital-only I/O
  • 8 Digital/Analog I/O
  • 7 PWM outputs (8 in total but one is hardwired to onboard LED)


  • USB
  • UART
  • I2C
  • SPI

You can find more details in the official documentation.

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