ESP32-S3 with 3.4-inch Touchscreen: LILYGO New Display Board

ESP32-S3 with 3.4-inch Touchscreen: LILYGO New Display Board

LILYGO’s latest T-Display-S3-Long is an ESP32-S3 board featuring a unique 3.4-inch wide touchscreen with a 640×180 resolution, tailored for various applications.

This wireless display board features an ESP32-S3R8 WiSoC with 8MB PSRAM and includes a 16MB SPI flash for storage. It also offers two Qwiic connectors, a 30-pin header for additional attachments, a USB Type-C port for power and programming, and a 2-pin connector for an optional LiPo battery. This makes it versatile for various wireless applications.

In the above parts marking image, you can see the placement of the 3D Wi-Fi Antenna, the Qwicc connectors, and the USB-C connector this becomes important because you will need those measurements if you are trying to make an enclosure for this. you can also verify the placement of other critical components like the power switch, the boot, and the power switch, on the ESP32-S3 with a 3.4-inch Touchscreen. You can also verify the placement of the JST battery connector.

The T-Display-S3-Long from LILYGO offers firmware and samples for PlatformIO/Arduino, including factory test code, TFT and touchscreen samples, and an LVGL demo. It also includes PDF schematics, datasheets, and basic documentation on GitHub. However, due to limited documentation and lack of complete projects, it’s best suited for those experienced in Arduino/PlatformIO programming. Beginners might find it challenging to use.

When you purchase the T-Display-S3-Long board, it comes with a set of accessories that includes one T-Display-S3-long-3.4-V1.0 screen, two STEMMA QT/Qwiic interface lines marked with [P352], one battery cable, and one 1.27mm female pin connector with a 2×15 pin layout.

ESP32-S3 Based T-Display-S3-Long Board Features:

  • MCU: ESP32-S3R8, dual-core, AI acceleration, 512KB RAM, 8MB PSRAM, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Storage: 16MB flash
  • Display: 3.4-inch TFT LCD, 640×180, capacitive touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 4, BLE 5.0, Bluetooth Mesh, 3D antenna
  • USB: Type-C OTG port, SY6970 chip for power, charging, and programming
  • Expansion: 2 Qwiic I2C connectors, 30-pin header
  • Other: Boot/Reset buttons, power switch for battery/USB
  • Power: 5V USB-C, LiPo battery connector, SY8089AAAC regulator
  • Size: 92 x 28 x 16 mm

You can purchase the LILYGO’s T-Display-S3-Long ESP32-S3 board at Aliexpress for $34.98 with shipping, but at the time of writing this article, only 6 pieces are left. more information on the device can be found on LILYGO’s official webpage.

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…the link to the CY6970 battery charger goes to the wrong datasheet (CY7069)…


This is fixed, thanks!

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