Melexis MLX90381 3D Magnetic Pico-Resolvers

Melexis MLX90381 3D Magnetic Pico-Resolvers


Melexis MLX90381 3D Magnetic Resolvers are easy to use in rotor position detection. The MLX90381 improves the low-speed accuracy, noise performance, and supports stall detection. It can be used with DC, brushless DC (BLDC), and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) in applications like e-valves and e-bike motors.  It can be used in automotive safety-related systems as it is AEC-Q100 qualified and ASIL B ready (Safety Element out of Context according to ISO 26262).


  • Onboard programming through the I2C protocol
    • Programmable at a module level
  • ISO 26262 ASIL B SEooC (Safety Element out of Context)
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Triaxis® Hall technology
  • Sine and Cosine analog outputs
  • Output refresh rate 2µs
  • Ratiometric outputs
  • Operating supply voltage 3.3V
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 160°C
  • Selectable magnetic field axis (X/Y – X/Z – Z/Y)
  • Programmable sensitivity range
    • mid field (10…70mT)
    • high field (40…160mT)
  • End-of-shaft / through-shaft operation
  • Package, RoHS Compliant DFN-6 (LW) single die

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