Nexperia Releases its 0.57 mili-Ohm Product in LFPAK56 Packaging

Nexperia Releases its 0.57 mili-Ohm Product in LFPAK56 Packaging


Nexperia announced the release of its lowest-ever RDS(on) power MOSFET, the PSMNR51-25YLH, exhibits a value of 0.57mΩ at 25V. Based on NextPowerS3 technology, this performance doesn’t compromise other parameters such as maximum drain current (ID(max)), Safe Operating Area (SOA), or gate charge QG.


  • 100% avalanche tested at I(AS) = 190 A
  • Optimized for low RDSon
  • Low leakage < 1 μA at 25 °C
  • Low spiking and ringing for low EMI designs
  • Optimized for 4.5 V gate drive
  • Copper-clip for low parasitic inductance and resistance
  • High-reliability LFPAK package, qualified to 175 °C
  • Wave solderable; exposed leads for optimal solder coverage and visual solder inspection

Nexperia’s PSMNR51-25YLH MOSFET offers a maximum drain current rating up to 380 Amps, especially important in motor control applications where motor-stall can result in very high current surges for short periods. The device is packaged in LFPAK56, Nexperia’s 5mm x 6mm Power-SO8 compatible package, with a copper-clip construction that absorbs thermal stresses.

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  • LHelge
    31 January, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    The all-caps headline doesn’t work very good with this text. 0.57 megaohm sounds pretty bad for a MOSFET.. 😛

    • 31 January, 2020 at 3:36 pm

      Yes, indeed, I fixed it a bit!

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