Nidec Develops the World’s Thinnest-class Linear Vibration Motor

Nidec Develops the World’s Thinnest-class Linear Vibration Motor

Nidec Corporation announced today that it has developed the world’s thinnest-class linear vibration motor (the “Slider”).

A number of commercially available smartphones and smartwatches are equipped with a vibration motor nowadays. Though, in the past, an eccentric motor was used to create a simple pattern of vibration to notify users of an incoming message, such motors are equipped in recent years with functions to control vibrations to make users feel as if they were pressing a button, and to vibrate in synchronization with the scenes in a game they are playing. Such applications make vibration motors essential in enhancing the sense of immersion and realistic sensations that digital devices provide.

Slider” was developed based on Nidec’s magnetic circuit design technology, which was cultivated in the Company’s design of HDD spindle motors – the products of which we account for the largest global market share. This time, while maintaining an equal level of vibration strength of our existing products, we have successfully developed “Slider”, with a volume 40% less than its predecessors, and with the world’s best-class thinness of 2mm. This achievement enables digital devices to be more compact and thinner than they are now.

As of the end of March 2020, Nidec had shipped a total of more than 300 million vibration motors for smartphones. These motors, manufactured based on our technologies to make light, thin, short, and compact products, to improve efficiency, and to keep everything in control, are highly evaluated by our customers. As the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer, Nidec will stay committed to providing innovative solutions to help shape a comfortable society.

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