Nordic Semiconductor Introduces nRF54L Series for Superior IoT Performance and Security

Nordic Semiconductor Introduces nRF54L Series for Superior IoT Performance and Security


Nordic Semiconductor has recently unveiled nRF54L15 a Cortex-M33 multi-protocol wireless microcontroller targeting a wide range of IoT applications such as smart home, industrial IoT, and medical devices. This series combines improved processing power, energy efficiency, and advanced security features for advanced IoT applications.

The nRF54L15 targets a wide array of wireless IoT applications, including PC peripherals, gaming, remote controllers, VR/AR devices, Smart Home gadgets with Matter compatibility, healthcare monitors, and industrial tools. Nordic Semiconductor announces the availability of the nRF54L15 for initial testing in a QFN48 package, featuring 31 GPIOs. Additionally, the firm is set to introduce two significantly smaller WLCSP packages, offering a footprint reduction of over 50% compared to the nRF52840, designed for space-sensitive projects. These packages will provide 32 GPIOs at a 0.3mm pitch and 14 GPIOs at a 0.35mm pitch.

Nordic Semiconductor nRF54L key features and specifications:

  • CPU: Arm Cortex-M33, up to 128 MHz; includes up to 1.5 MB Flash and 256 KB SRAM, plus a RISC-V coprocessor for enhanced flexibility.
  • Wireless Capabilities:
    • Bluetooth 5.4 LE: Supports direction-finding, and Bluetooth mesh, and is prepared for future Bluetooth updates.
    • 802.15.4 Radio: Enables Thread and Matter connectivity.
    • Proprietary 2.4 GHz Communication: Allows speeds up to 4 Mbps.
    • High Sensitivity and Power: -96 dBm RX sensitivity at 1 Mbps for Bluetooth LE, with up to 8 dBm TX power.
  • New Peripherals: Includes a Global RTC, 14-bit ADC, and software-defined peripherals for expanded functionality.
  • Security: Built for PSA Certified Level 3, featuring TrustZone isolation, side-channel protection, and tamper detection for top-tier IoT security.
  • Power Efficiency: RX current consumption is half that of its predecessor, the nRF52840, for improved battery life.
  • Package Options: Available in QFN48 (6×6 mm) and ultra-compact WLCSP (2.4×2.2 mm) formats to suit various design needs.
  • Manufacturing Process: Utilizes TSMC’s advanced 22ULL (22 nm) process technology for enhanced performance and efficiency.

At the time of writing the full details and specifications for Nordic Semiconductor nRF54L are yet to be shared publicly. For more information, interested individuals should contact their local Nordic sales representative. Eventually, everything required to begin will be accessible on the product webpage, and the press release might offer some additional details.

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