OKdo and RS Launch Next-Generation ROCK 5A Board

OKdo and RS Launch Next-Generation ROCK 5A Board

OKdo, the leading provider of next-generation computing solutions, announces the launch of in partnership with Radxa. The ROCK 5A is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use single board computer (SBC) that is designed to meet the demands of engineers, developers, educators, inventors and entrepreneurs. Starting February 1st, OKdo will offer discounted pricing for the newly announced series of boards; limited to the first 5,000.

The ROCK 5A will be offered at:

  • 4GB – market price $99, special introductory price $74
  • 8GB – market price $119, special introductory price $94
  • 16GB – market price $159, special introductory price $134

The ROCK 5A takes the highly sought-after key functionality of its powerful predecessor, the ROCK 5B, and fits it on the industry’s common SBC form factor. Some of its key features include 8k output, an octa-core processor and an AI accelerator. Additionally, it is the only SBC on the market in this form factor that comes with 16GB of memory.

The ROCK 5A will run Linux v5.10 Kernel, supporting Ubuntu, Debian, openFyde OS, Armbian, RebornOS, Android 12 and later. Customers can download the software from OKdo.com and find additional community support by leveraging the 1.5 million members of the DesignSpark community.

Operating at a professional grade, the combination of such power, versatility and support makes the ROCK 5A an excellent option for embedded processes spanning EV charging, automatic manufacturing, digital signage, agricultural tech and more.

“Since the launch of OKdo’s family of ROCK boards, the market has been responding very well in a variety of verticals including consumer, industrial and agriculture segments. I am thrilled to add yet another member to the ROCK family and anticipate fast adoption with new and existing customers. The ROCK 5A is the perfect blend of power, versatility and affordability,” said Richard Curtin, Co-Founder and CTO of OKdo.

“We are excited to introduce the next generation of low-cost, high-performance and compact credit card-sized ROCK 5A single board computer in global collaboration with OKdo. We believe the ROCK 5A already has entry level desktop PC performance without worrying about power consumption and heating issues. We can’t wait to see the community and developers make amazing applications based on the ROCK 5A SBC,” said Tom Tang, President of VamRS Technology.

For those eager to get their hands on a next-generation SBC, the ROCK 5B is in stock at OKdo and RS for immediate shipment. Sharing key features such as the 8k output, octa-core processor, power on/off and built-in Real-Time-Clock, the 5B levels up the power with the RK3588 Rockchip.

Bringing the ROCK series to market provides a new and reliable solution to an industry still in the grips of a global chip shortage and supply chain pressures. OKdo recognizes that the time for significant change is now and that the enablement of widespread IoT adoption will be instrumental in a more sustainable future. The ROCK SBCs and CMs are another timely arm of an ecosystem of services OKdo has developed to revolutionize product development and operational excellence. For more information on ROCK 5A, please visit the OKdo website.

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