Qualcomm Technologies introduces two modem chipsets for remote monitoring

Qualcomm Technologies introduces two modem chipsets for remote monitoring

Qualcomm Technologies has launched the 212S Modem and the Qualcomm 9205S Modem chipsets with satellite capability for remote monitoring and asset tracking for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These modems are developed in collaboration with Skylo to offer low-power and advanced wireless connectivity for IoT devices, allowing them to connect to both satellite and cellular networks. This dual connectivity ensures that devices can stay connected even in remote areas with limited terrestrial network coverage.

Both these chipsets integrate with the Qualcomm Aware Platform, which offers NTN connectivity services and device management in remote areas. This integration enables efficient monitoring and management of devices operating in remote locations, facilitating critical decision-making processes that depend on accurate and real-time data. The Qualcomm Aware Platform improves IoT deployments’ effectiveness, providing businesses with valuable insights for improved operational efficiency and productivity.

“Our Qualcomm 212S and Qualcomm 9205S chips take our IoT tracking and monitoring capabilities one step further, providing connectivity and coverage even in the most remote areas. These products also further showcase our ability to bring and scale superior innovations to even the most challenging and complex IoT environments.”

The Qualcomm 212S Modem is designed for stationary IoT devices that require satellite communication for advanced connectivity in off-grid locations. The modem is ideal for various applications, such as collecting telemetry and data from water and gas tanks, meters, and other infrastructure equipment. It can also be used for utility grid monitoring, early fire detection reporting, on-shore and off-shore mining installations, and environmental management.

The Qualcomm 9205S Modem incorporates Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) capabilities, enabling accurate location tracking for IoT applications. It comes with a similar architecture to the Qualcomm 9205 Modem. The modem also supports hub-type use cases through its robust application processor and peripheral support, enabling a wide range of IoT applications to benefit from its capabilities.

“We will deliver satellite connectivity through the Qualcomm Aware Platform using our network of satellite operators to power a range of IoT use cases with optimized integrations through the Qualcomm 212S and 9205S modems for stationary and in-transit uses.”

The Qualcomm 212S Modem will be available later this year, while the Qualcomm 9205S Modem is already available.

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