Ricoh Electronic Devices Company launches the RIOT-001 Environment Sensing Board

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company launches the RIOT-001 Environment Sensing Board

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company RIOT-001 Environment Sensing Board is designed to transmit data obtained from a temperature/humidity/pressure sensor (BME280) and an ambient light sensor (MAX44009) via Bluetooth, to tablets or other smart devices. The board also includes a voltage regulator with a battery monitor (RP124) for the measurement of the secondary battery voltage.

The RIOT-001 Board is ideal for indoor lighting using a solar battery panel. The RIOT-001 Environment Sensing Board efficiently harvests the electric power a solar battery panel generates. This happens using the buck DC/DC converter for energy harvest then stored in a small Li-ion secondary battery. The stored power is supplied to a BLE module with an MCU and sensors by the RP604, an ultra-low supply current buck-boost DC/DC converter.

The RIOT-001 Board also includes the RP124, a voltage regulator with a battery monitor, to monitor the secondary battery voltage. Checking the state of the secondary battery voltage is possible by transmitting battery information to tablets or other smart devices through an AD converter inside the BLE module.

RIOT-C01 Coin Battery Board

The RIOT-C01 Coin Battery Board is an optional board for the RIOT-001 environment sensing board. This board features a battery holder for a CR2032-type coin battery. The RIOT-C01 board charges the secondary battery mounted on the RIOT-001 that provides the environment sensing operation with a coin battery.


  • Input voltage of 2.0V to 5.5V
  • Max. power voltage of 4.4V
  • Output voltage of 1.79V to 2.03V
  • Secondary battery charging voltage of 2.62V to 2.78V
  • Avg. operating current of 16.4uA
  • Operating temperature range of 0°C – 50°C


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