RS PRO DMM offers built-in thermal imaging

RS PRO DMM offers built-in thermal imaging


RS has launched the first digital multimeter (DMM) in the company’s RS PRO product range to integrate a built-in thermal imager. by Ally Winning@

The RS-9889 thermal imaging multimeter allows the identification of thermal overload issues in electrical equipment without the need for any physical contact. It is a handheld device designed to be cost-effective, while still being durable and reliable. The RS-9889 measures 80 x 58 x 195mm and weighs 540g.

The thermal imager of the RS-9889 offers maximum, minimum and centre crosshair targeting. A BLE connection allows the sharing of thermal images through the Thermview+ app. The imager has a 2.8-inch colour TFT LCD screen with an infrared resolution of 80 x 80 pixels, a 21° x 21° field of view, thermal sensitivity (NETD or noise equivalent temperature difference) to less than 0.1°C/100mK, a fast 50 Hz thermal image frame rate, an object temperature range from 20° to 260°C, a spectral range of 8–14 μm, and accuracy to within ±2°C, or ±2% of the reading.

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