SafeBee – A GPS Tracker for Beehives

SafeBee – A GPS Tracker for Beehives

This is an original design of a GPS tracker designed on Elab and it is intended to be used as a security device for beehives, but it is not limited to this. It can be used everywhere a motion-activated GPS tracker is needed, like your car, bike, or even your boat. It is a GPS tracker controlled by simple SMS commands and it is designed for reliability, low power consumption, and ease of use. It features a MEMS accelerometer that is used to intelligently detect movement and once triggered it will power on the GPS module and will try to acquire the current coordinates. The location details will be transmitted to the owner’s smartphone via a simple SMS and then follow update the coordinates at predefined intervals.

Key Features:

  • Remote management via simple SMS commands
  • High reliability – no need to babysit the tracker due to crashes and resets
  • Long battery life – over 1-year standby on a single charge (2500mAh battery)
  • 3-axis high sensitivity MEMS Accelerometer
  • Intelligent Triggering – it will not be triggered by accidental movement
  • Selectable Trigger Sensitivity Level

SafeBee – A GPS Tracker for Beehives – [Link]

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