Sequans Monarch Go Certified LTE IoT Category M1 Modems

Sequans Monarch Go Certified LTE IoT Category M1 Modems


Sequans Monarch Go Certified LTE IoT Category M1 Modems, connected by Verizon, are comprehensive modem components offering a short route to market and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to develop cellular-IoT connected devices. The Monarch Go Modems avoid costly lab testing while improving time-to-market thanks to a reduced effort for board design. These modems remove the need to design and tune a cellular antenna as it embeds an optimized LTE antenna, saving months of design effort and lab testing. The plug-and-go Monarch Go Modems feature a pre-installed ThingSpace IoT SIM and a default data plan.

The mechanical integration of the Monarch Go LTE-M modem component into IoT devices is extremely simple, requiring only two screws, a single low-profile board-to-board connector, and no soldering. Monarch Go includes an industry-standard UART interface, a set of AT commands, and examples for connecting your device application MCU controller.


  • LTE-M modem component with embedded antenna certified for use on the Verizon network
  • Optional embedded GPS
  • ThingSpace IoT SIM pre-installed
  • ThingSpace online management
  • Easy connection to cloud services from a third party and geolocation
  • Industry-leading network coverage in the USA
  • RoHS compliant


  • Modem
    • Sequans Monarch™ LTE-M chip
    • Pre-installed ThingSpace IoT SIM
    • Certified for use on the Verizon network (LTE band 13) with a roadmap for global band support
    • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and a wide range of embedded and real-time operating systems
    • High-speed UART as data and AT command interface
    • Embedded IP stack with support for UDP, TCP, TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT, or MQTTS
    • Location based services
    • SMS send and receive
    • Low power modes PSM, eDRX, and RRC IDLE
    • Support for Verizon FOTA services from the ThingSpace online management platform
    • LTE Cat M1: 375kbps uplink and 300kbps downlink (peak)
  • LTE-M data plan
  • GPS (Monarch Go-GPS)
    • Sensitivity
      • -162dBm tracking
      • -148dBm acquisition
    • Location update rate up to 1Hz
  • Electrical and RF
    • 3.1V to 5.5V regulated supply voltage range
    • Ultra-low power mode (PSM)
      • 1µA without GPS
      • 35µA with GPS
    • 1.8V UART interface
    • Maximum transmit power up to +23dBm, LTE band 13
    • Certified FCC compliant
  • Mechanical
    • 35mm x 50mm x 14.95mm (1.38″ x 1.97″ x 0.59″) in dimension
    • Plastic enclosure fixable with 2 screws
    • Shipped with ThingSpace SIM pre-installed
    • Embedded LTE antenna
    • Low profile 20-pin digital board-to-board connector to connect an application controller through the industry standard UART interface
    • LED for modem activity
    • LED for GPS activity (Monarch Go-GPS only)
    • 16g weight
  • Temperature ranges
    • -40°C to +80°C operating
    • -40°C to +85°C storage

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