Thermally Conductive 1-Part Epoxy Adhesive

Thermally Conductive 1-Part Epoxy Adhesive


MG Chemicals’ thermally conductive 1-part epoxy adhesive features strong resistance to humidity, salt water, mild bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons

MG Chemicals’ thermally conductive 1-part epoxy adhesive is a heat-cured system with an unlimited working time. It is an off-white, smooth, thixotropic paste that cures to form a hard, durable, and thermally conductive polymer. It bonds well to a wide variety of substances.


  • Thermal conductivity of 0.8 W/(m·K)
  • 1-part – no mixing required
  • Cure time: 2 hours at +80°C (+176°F) or 30 minutes at +120°C (+248°F)
  • Strong resistance to humidity, saltwater, mild bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Room temperature storage
  • Unlimited working time
  • Provides strong electrical insulation
  • High compressive strength

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