This New DC-DC converter from Microchip can work in Space

This New DC-DC converter from Microchip can work in Space


Microchip has recently introduced a series of radiation-tolerant DC-DC converters LE50-28 series, that are specifically designed to work for Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. The power supplies come in nine variants with single and triple output options.

The company mentions that the growing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) market demands reliable, cost-effective, and configurable space-grade solutions for 5G communication, cube satellites, and IoT applications. So the LE50-28 series of isolated DC-DC converters meet this need with off-the-shelf, 50W, radiation-tolerant power converters available in nine variants, offering single and triple outputs from 3.3V to 28V. The LE50 series bridges the gap between non-radiation-tolerant commercial converters and expensive radiation-hardened ones, providing an affordable, mission-compatible option.

The LE50-28 series offers radiation tolerance and high performance in a compact size, making it easy for designers to integrate into their devices. It provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive bespoke converters for satellite applications with strict SWaP constraints. The series features up to 50 Krad total ionizing dose and 37 MeV×cm²/mg latch-up immunity for LEO applications. The converter weighs 120 g, and the EMI filter weighs 82 g, meeting MIL-STD-461 for quick qualification. This makes the LE50-28 a balanced choice for performance, size, weight, and radiation tolerance.

The LE50-28 series offers 80% power conversion efficiency at full load, reducing payload size and weight by minimizing energy storage needs. Available in single- and triple-output versions, it supports up to 50W per unit and up to 200W by paralleling four units. The triple-output version provides three unique outputs in the same footprint. Operating from a 28V bus, the converters output between 3.3V and 28V. The EMI filter reduces interference, and the converters boast a mean time between failures of one million hours.

The triple-output LE50-28 is designed to provide multiple outputs

Microchip DC-DC Converter Specifications

  • 28V Input Voltage
  • Up to 50W Output Power in a low-profile design
  • High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and exceptional efficiency
  • Scalable Output Power: Parallel up to four units for a 200W solution
  • EMI Compliant with additional filter and radiation-tolerant designs
  • Output Configurations: Single and triple outputs tailored for New Space and LEO applications
  • Robust Switching Regulators: Peak current mode-controlled single-ended forward converter topology with inherent single-event immunity
  • Enhanced Functionality on Single-Output Versions: Includes remote sense, output voltage adjust, and parallel connection capabilities

Microchip has not yet released pricing information for its radiation-tolerant DC-DC converter family. However, comprehensive datasheets for all nine modules are available on their website, offering detailed specifications and technical information. Further insights into the converter’s capabilities and potential applications can be found in the press release on Microchip’s website.

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