TI Release TPS62912, TPS62913 family of low-noise DC/DC Switching Regulators

TI Release TPS62912, TPS62913 family of low-noise DC/DC Switching Regulators


Texas Instruments released the TPS62912 and TPS62913 family of low-noise DC/DC switching regulators with integrated ferrite-bead compensation. They offer low noise of 20 µVRMS for frequencies ranging from 100 Hz to 100 kHz and ultra-low output-voltage ripple of 10 µVRMS.

Traditional low-noise power supply architectures include such technology like DC/DC converters, low-noise LDO, and an off-chip filter, like a ferrite bead. Integrating ferrite-bead compensation allows the TPS62912 and TPS62913 to use the already present ferrite bead as a filter against high-frequency noise and reduce power supply output voltage ripple by upwards of 30 dB.

Further, both converters offer a power-supply rejection ratio of 65 dB at up to 100 kHz. They also enable spread-spectrum frequency modulation to advance attenuate radio-frequency spurs. In addition to this, the TPS62912 and TPS62913 allow synchronization to an external clock, providing the ability to meet signal-to-noise ratios and spurious-free dynamic range targets.

Featuring a peak efficiency of 97%, the converters allow for engineers to design for noise filtering without an LDO. This reduces power losses by up to 76% and 1.8 W in analog front-end (AFE) designs and 1.5 W in designs using a wideband ADC.

For more information, visit www.ti.com/TPS62912-pr or www.ti.com/TPS62913-pr

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