TiePie engineering Automotive WiFiScopes ATS610004DW-XMSG, ATS605004DW-XMS and ATS5004DW

TiePie engineering Automotive WiFiScopes ATS610004DW-XMSG, ATS605004DW-XMS and ATS5004DW


TiePie engineering has introduced three new powerful high resolution Automotive Test Scopes with WiFi and LAN connection, the Automotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG, Automotive Test Scope ATS605004DW-XMS and Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW. These new WiFiScopes mark a new, innovative development of TiePie engineering: the first and industry’s only WiFi connected Automotive Test Scopes with differential inputs.

The differential Automotive WiFiScopes are every day oscilloscopes for automotive engineers and can be used via an ethernet connection (LAN, WiFi or WAN) but also still with a USB 2.0 / 3.0 connection. The built-in battery gives the Automotive WiFiScope the possibility to perform fully wireless differential measurements. Measurements can then be performed completely galvanically isolated, and over long distances. This wireless PC based data acquisition instrument offers the user more possibilities for measurement applications.

With a WiFi connection, wireless measurements can be performed on a car, where the computer does not need to be right next to the car. Specific knowledge on networks is not required. The Multi Channel oscilloscope software gives an overview of the available USB instruments and network instruments. Simply tick the instrument and measuring can start.

The WiFi oscilloscope has the following advantages:

  • fully wireless differential measurements via WiFi are performed (galvanically isolated) because of the built-in battery
  • mobile differential measurements are possible, e.g. on transport systems and moving installations
  • LAN and WAN data acquisition is available for long distance differential measurements
  • continuous real time high speed data acquisition over both Wifi and LAN / WAN are available
  • USB differential measurements for stand-alone applications and high speed data acquisition up to 200 MSa/s

The differential Automotive WiFiScope is so transparent that it appears that the ethernet connected instrument is connected directly to the computer. All hardware and software functions of the oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data logger and voltmeter remain available via the network. Specific network knowledge is not required.

Again the TiePie engineering motto applies: Plug in and measure!

To reduce PC-based data acquisition installation costs and increase flexibility, WiFi and LAN / WAN measuring instruments are the solution. Differential measurement applications that were previously not possible, for example long-distance measurements, measurements at unsafe or noisy places, measurements at a moving installation or reading instruments at different places are now available. With the new differential automotive WiFi oscilloscopes from TiePie engineering, reliable WiFi and LAN / WAN measurement solutions can now be obtained without compromising measurement quality.

The differential automotive WiFi oscilloscope can now be used where previously it was difficult to place a complete measurement setup. Thanks to the WiFi connections, electrical, physical, mechanical and acoustic signals can now be measured remotely. Place the automotive WifiScope near to the engine bay and connect its inputs to the points you want to measure. Your computer can remain at a safe distance, connected via WiFi to the automotive WiFiScope, that operates as access point. No hassle of USB cables between the scope and the computer that limit your flexibility.

With the WiFi oscilloscope, high speed real time continuous data acquisition rates of up to 5 MSamples / second can be achieved with a resolution of 8 to 16 bits and, via LAN / WAN connections, high speed real time continuous data acquisition rates of up to 20 MSamples / second can be achieved with a resolution of 8 to 16 bits. Via USB connections, high speed real time continuous data acquisition rates of up to 200 MSamples / second can be achieved with a resolution of 8 to 16 bits.


Combined with the free Multi Channel oscilloscope software, the Automotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG, Automotive Test Scope ATS605004DW-XMS and Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW turn your PC into a High Resolution differential Oscilloscope, Precision Spectrum analyzer, High Performance Multimeter, Very Fast differential Data logger and Comprehensive Protocol Analyzer. The Multi Channel oscilloscope software gives you the opportunity to share your data with everybody and lets you analyze your data without the need of an instrument. The Multi Channel oscilloscope software offers sophisticated data analysis capabilities using many user configurable data processing I/O blocks, showing the analysis results in graphs, tables and/or meter displays.

Special automotive features are included in the software. The crankshaft signal can be turned into a detailed engine speed (rpm) graph as well as a very accurate graph showing the crank shaft angle in time. Combine that with e.g. injection and/or ignition signals and timing analysis becomes simple task. Duty cycle signals and pulse width modulated signals, e.g. used in driving valves, can be converted into graphs showing the actual duty cycle at any moment in time. General engine health is easily tested with the easy to use relative compression test functionality.

Time consuming complicated instrument setups are no longer required using the unique Quick Setup system: select the measurement task you want to accomplish with just up to 4 mouse clicks from a selection dialog that gives access to over 700 different instrument Quick Setups. Quick Setups for all common automotive sensors and actuators are included. Each Quick Setup contains all required instrument settings, as well as example signals and background information on how to connect the instrument.

TiePie engineering now offers three new rugged 4 channel Automotive WiFiScopes.

For full details on the new TiePie engineering automotive WiFiScopes, visit www.tiepie-automotive.com/automotive-oscilloscope

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