Tokay Lite is an open-source advanced AI camera with edge AI capabilities

Tokay Lite is an open-source advanced AI camera with edge AI capabilities

Tokay Lite has taken a crowdfunding platform to attract hackers and embedded developers with its powerful and innovative advanced AI camera. This advanced AI camera platform integrates edge AI processing, enabling real-time image analysis and decision-making right on the device itself. The device was designed to reduce reliance on a separate computer and cloud processing, which resulted in latency issues. With Tokay Lite, the user will have access to a battery-powered, open-source, no-code solution that aims to change the way computer vision applications operate, such as security surveillance and visual data processing.

With a built-in motion sensor and night vision capacity, Tokay Lite can be deployed as a security camera, providing enhanced surveillance capabilities. Its ability to run AI models directly on the device allows for intelligent detection of objects. With its advanced sensor interface and connectivity options, this AI camera can integrate into robotic systems. Tokay Lite can provide real-time visual data to robots, enabling them to perceive and understand their surroundings. The device’s visual recognition capabilities further enhance its usefulness in robotics, allowing robots to identify objects, navigate environments, and even control their actions based on the information provided by Tokay Lite.

Tokay Lite Edge AI Camera Front and Back View

At the heart of Tokay Lite is the famous ESP32-S3, a dual-core XTensa LX7 MCU. This advanced microcontroller unit is designed with support for vector instructions, providing acceleration for neural network computing and signal processing tasks. The ESP32-S3 ensures that Tokay Lite can handle complex AI tasks with ease, delivering unparalleled performance in a compact form factor.

Tokay Lite comes with open-source firmware. As soon as you receive the device, you can start exploring its functionalities through a simple, no-code web interface. This out-of-the-box experience allows you to configure settings and make adjustments without the need for any software downloads. With just a few clicks, you can fine-tune image sensor settings, manage video streaming, adjust picture settings, and even activate autonomous operation mode.

Tokay Lite provides generic configurable integrations through HTTP and MQTT, both of which are accessible directly from the embedded web server. This means that you can seamlessly connect Tokay Lite with a wide range of systems and applications, enabling efficient data transfer and communication. Whether you require integration with existing infrastructure or want to build a custom solution, Tokay Lite’s flexible architecture ensures that it can adapt to your specific application needs.

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