Toshiba TLP4590A & TLP4590AF Photorelays

Toshiba TLP4590A & TLP4590AF Photorelays

Toshiba TLP4590A and TLP4590AF Photorelays integrate a photo MOSFET optically coupled to an infrared light-emitting diode. These devices are designed to replace mechanical relays in applications to save space and increase reliability. The TLP4590A and TLP4590AF Photorelays are normally closed (1-Form-B) and feature a low 0.6Ω ON-state resistance. These devices also feature an isolation voltage of 5000Vrms, making them ideal for applications that require reinforced insulation.

The Toshiba TLP4590A and TLP4590AF Photorelays are offered in compact 6-pin DIP packages with through-hole and surface mount lead options.

Pin Diagram


  • Normally closed (1-Form-B)
  • ON-state current (ION)
    • A connection: 1200mA
    • B connection: 1200mA
    • C connection: 2400mA
  • ON-state resistance (RON)
    • A connection: 0.6Ω
    • B connection: 0.3Ω
    • C connection: 0.15Ω
  • 60V (min) OFF-state output terminal voltage (VOFF)
  • 2.0mA (max) trigger LED current (IFC)
  • 0.9pF total capacitance (CS)
  • 5000Vrms isolation voltage (BVS)
  • 0.3ms typical turn-on time
  • 2.0ms typical turn-off time
  • -40°C to +110°C operating temperature range (Topr)
  • +125°C junction temperature (TJ)
  • 6-pin DIP package

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