Vishay Semiconductors Si PIN Photodiodes

Vishay Semiconductors Si PIN Photodiodes

K857PE Si PIN Photodiode

Vishay Semiconductors K857PE Si PIN Photodiode is a 4-quadrant photodetector with a 1.6mm2/quadrant active area available in a surface-mount package. This photodiode functions in epitaxial technology and offers high photosensitivity. The K857PE pin photodiode operates at -40°C to 110°C temperature range, 20V reverse voltage, and 1nA dark current. This photodiode offers 1.3V maximum forward voltage, 840nm peak sensitivity wavelength, and 30ns rise time and fall time.


  • Surface-mount package type
  • Epitaxial technology
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • High photosensitivity


  • 20V reverse voltage
  • -40°C to 110°C operating and storage temperature range
  • 1nA dark current
  • 1.3V maximum forward voltage
  • 840nm peak wavelength
  • 30ns rise time and fall time
  • 260°C soldering temperature

VEMD8081 Silicon PIN Photodiode

Vishay Semiconductors VEMD8081 Silicon PIN Photodiode offers high speed and enhanced sensitivity for visible light. The VEMD8081 Photodiode provides a low profile surface-mount device (SMD), including the chip with a 5.4mm2 sensitive area detecting visible and near-infrared radiation.

The Vishay Semiconductors VEMD8081 Silicon PIN Photodiode features an angle of half sensitivity ±65°, a 350nm to 1100nm range of spectral bandwidth, and a forward voltage of 2.3V to 3.3V. The VEMD8081 Photodiode is designed for high-speed photodetectors and wearables.


  • Surface-mount package type
  • Top view package form
  • 4.8mm x 2.5mm x 0.48mm Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • Radiant sensitive area of 5.4mm
  • 0.48mm low profile package
  • Enhanced sensitivity for visible light
  • Suitable for visible and near-infrared radiation
  • ϕ = ± 65° Angle of half sensitivity
  • 168h, MSL 3, according to J-STD-020 Floor life

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