WiSer is a Wireless Serial Adapter for Cable-Free Data Transfer

WiSer is a Wireless Serial Adapter for Cable-Free Data Transfer

WiSer is a USB-to-UART converter with a wireless twist. This pair of devices will let you establish a wireless serial connection between a host and a target device, which makes this ideal for remote monitoring, wireless data logging, telemetry, and various other applications.

Based on my experience, this device is useful in many situations. It’s helpful when you need to isolate the analog ground from the digital ground, or when dealing with high-voltage and low-voltage grounds that mustn’t be connected.

One key strength of the WiSer is that it simplifies connections by replacing USB cables, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth setups. Just connect its USB module to a computer and a TTL module to the target device, without extra software or complex setup. It works like a virtual cable, making connections much easier.

WiSer offers two configurations, WiSer-USB and WiSer-TTL, both featuring an ESP32-S2 Wi-Fi SoC for strong connectivity. It supports various baud rates and data formats. For simplicity the device includes “FIND PAIR” and “BOOT” buttons. The compact design of both units is practical for use. Taking a look at operating systems this device is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, and works with serial terminal software like PuTTY and Tera Term, making it a versatile tool for diverse applications.

WiSer made all the code, hw, and docs open sourced, you can get that on GitHub. It comes in various packages including:

  • WS-UT-BM: Includes one WiSer-USB and one WiSer-TTL device, both with loose header pins.
  • WS-UT-EN: Features a WiSer-USB device and a WiSer-TTL device, each with mounted header pins and enclosures.
  • WS-UU-EN: Contains two WiSer-USB devices, ideal for host-to-host communication.

WiSer Wireless Serial Adapter: Quick Specs

  • Core: ESP32-S2 Wi-Fi SoC.
  • Setup: Driverless, plug-and-play.
  • Compatibility: USB Type-C; Windows, Linux, Mac, Android.
  • Wireless: 2.4 GHz peer-to-peer communication.
  • Security: AES-CCMP encryption.
  • Baud Rates: Up to 921,600 baud; multiple data formats.
  • Flow Control: Software, hardware, or none.
  • Extras: DTR pin, indicator LEDs, “FIND PAIR” and “BOOT” buttons.
  • Open-Source: Accessible source code and design.
  • Dimensions: WiSer-USB: 37.8 x 20.4 x 8.2 mm; WiSer-TTL: 36.5 x 38.4 x 9.8 mm (smaller without enclosures).

Bitmerse hasn’t disclosed pricing yet but plans to start a CrowdSupply campaign soon. on the other hand, Hackaday recently featured a detailed guide and insights on using WiSer.

UPDATE 31/01/2024: The CrowdSupply campaign is live.

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