X-Sense XP01-W Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector with Up To 10-Year Battery

X-Sense XP01-W Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector with Up To 10-Year Battery


Almost all North American houses come with fire and smoke detector alarms, however, with poor maintenance, this product can defy the purpose. Here comes the combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside a compact consumer product, ready to be deployed in the home environment becoming an essential part of our life. The production of such alarm detectors has been on the rise from various manufacturers competing with almost the same functionalities but with minor tweaks and upgrades. Today, we will be reviewing the X-Sense XP01-W smoke and CO alarm detector with a large silence button that is currently available on Amazon for sale at $107.99 (3-pack).

Two-in-one function

When we hear about smoke and CO alarm detectors, there are several functionalities that we look for reasonable price points and the requirements can vary depending on the budget and type of deployment. X-Sense has been in the market for designing consumer-facing integrated solutions, like detectors for home safety, and these products range from smart home security systems, smoke detectors, CO detectors, and the combination of the two.

Sensor Introduction

As the article focuses on their top-selling X-Sense XP01-W smoke and CO alarm detector, the consumer product will be equipped with both photoelectric and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors that work independently of each other and notifies when dangerous smoke or CO concentration is detected.

X-Sense XP01 Alarm Detector Breakdown

Package Contents

  • 3 × Alarm Unit
  • 3 × Mounting Bracket
  • 9 × Screws
  • 9 × Anchor Plugs
  • 1 × User Manual

10-year battery

Often, cheap products can give a false alarm for detecting steam’, but it is important for the alarm detector to minimize false alarms and provide improved performance for protection from two deadly threats. The X-Sense XP01-W provides high accuracy and reliability along with high sensitivity and upgraded battery life. Featuring a built-in 10-year battery provides continuous power through the Lithium battery and saves energy while maintaining the eco-friendly mode. This time of the year, the fire department issues notice for residents to change the battery in the alarm detectors before Day Light Savings Time, but with 10-year battery life, the customers can consider shifting from the traditional alarm detectors to the highly efficient XP01 alarm detector.

Technical Details

Interconnection Function

Sized at 5.3×5.3×1.7 inches, the alarm detector is smaller than the X-Sense SC01 and that is for obvious reasons. The XP01 detector does not come with an LCD display, like the Wireless Interconnected Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector we reviewed earlier, saving the space on the hardware while providing an easy silence button on the front of the device which is easy to push either by hand or a broom handle. Another downside for the XP01-W detector is the inability to connect to the internet and hence cannot be integrated with a smart home system. Also, the hardware does not come with a human-voice detection system to control the functionalities and settings. Since the chipset does not support wireless connectivity, it cannot wirelessly communicate with the Phone to monitor the gas concentration in the room.


Reasonably priced at ~$37 per unit, the XP01-W alarm detector is not expected to provide as many features as the highly advanced alarm detectors from Google (Nest). For the price range, the product seems to offer enough functionalities for a normal home use case where the operator is not concerned with its wireless connectivity and smart integration. Through an easy installation process, the shipped package will contain a mounting bracket, screws, anchor plugs, and a user manual for the alarm unit. You are encouraged to purchase the product on Amazon and let us know about your experience.

X-Sense XP01-W User Manual Download (PDF)

Discount Code

Code: CHTG0120 (20% off all products) at x-sense.com

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