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16 Apr 2011

Mariano Alvira writes:

I drive a 1998 Jeep Wrangler and recently it was stolen. As it turns out, a Wangler is embarrassingly easy to steal. The thief used a screwdriver to forced the door lock and break out the ignition; without an ignition you can start the car with your finger.

Seeing how easy is was for someone to steal my car annoyed me quite a bit, so I looked into the best ways to protect your vehicle. In addition to an ignition (which on a Wrangler should be modified to make it harder to remove), it seems that a brake/steering wheel lock and a engine “kill switch” with a good hood lock seems to do the job; at least, it should provide enough motivation to move on to the next Jeep Wrangler that’s parked 100 feet away.

Building a Open Source / Open Hardware wireless kill switch for your car – [Link]

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