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15 Sep 2011

Electronics design engineers across the globe are burdened with lengthy and disparate design processes – from concept to pre-production – all-while balancing the need to bring products to market faster.  In short, the ability to save hundreds of hours in the design process is critical to advancing designs.  

As part of an ongoing effort to better understand the needs of design engineers, element14 today unveiled findings from a global study conducted by TFI looking at the critical challenges throughout the design process.  The study revealed several pain points – increasing time pressures, incomplete/inaccurate information from relevant sources, and difficulty comparing options. Additional findings include:

  • Over 70% of design engineers rely heavily on online forums, blogs and engineering communities
  • Engineers spend about 50% of their research time online
  • A majority of respondents cited the earlier stages of design as the most challenging (consuming an average of 41% of design time)

“Design with Efficiency: Toward a Streamlined Process for Electronics-Industry Design Engineers” – [Link]


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