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19 Sep 2012

Thanks to their very low equivalent serial resistance (ESR), they provide a very worth function in power supply parts of various devices. In many cases, there´s no need to add any other types of filtering capacitors anymore. 

SMD ceramic capacitors are nowadays commonly available in relatively very high capacities of units to tens of uF, while keeping small dimensions (0603 – 1210). There are also available higher capacities in bigger packages, but the offer of producers is especially reach at these small packages (0603-1210) and prices are significantly better in comparison to a recent past.

Why to use a ceramic capacitor? First, it has a substantially lower value of ESR than electrolytic capacitors and also lower than tantalum ones. This is reflected in low losses and outstanding filtering properties even at high frequencies and high currents, what is especially beneficial at power supply of fast semiconductors and in switch-mode power supplies. Low power consumption of modern components enables to decrease an overall capacity of capacitors in a power supply part, that´s why in many cases a few uFarads are sufficient. A big advantage is a long lifetime too, because they don´t contain any liquid electrolyte. Naturally, in devices, where high current peaks occur, it would be economically inefficient to use ceramic capacitors only. In such cases a combination of ceramic and tantalum or electrolytic capacitors is ideal.

In our offer can be found more types, also a novelty in our offer – 2,2uF/10V/0805 from the X7R mass from company YAGEO (please note a significantly lower price at purchase of 50 pcs and more). The X7R mass ensures very good properties in a wide range of temperatures and voltages. Detailed information will provide you the X7R, X5R and Y5V documents. In case of interest about any YAGEO component, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com

Do you utilize ceramic capacitors for power supply filtering? - [Link]

2 Responses to “Do you utilize ceramic capacitors for power supply filtering?”

  1. rachel123 Says:

    I support Ceramic Capacitor. Ceramic capacitors are able to operate over a wide temperature range and have extremely low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and inductance when compared to other technologies such as tantalum or electrolytic components: the lower the ESR on a capacitor the higher the ripple current capability of the component. Further, the ESR and inductive losses associated with capacitors have a direct relationship to the capacitors’ ability to deliver energy when needed. So the lower the ESR and inductance, the more efficient the component is. This is important, as in many circuits the designer can select a lower capacitance value ceramic component than they would with competing technologies.
    Thanks, @Rachel from Online Ac Dc Adapter

  2. nadia123 Says:

    I also like ceramic capacitor. ceramic cap has much lower leakage and is not polarized, and usually has a higher voltage rating. But the values of capacitance are much lower. thanks!
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