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27 Dec 2012


If you´re searching for a piezo transducers, buzzer, siren or a loudspeaker with a high efficiency and a high reliability, you´re on the right address. Narrow specialization, long-term know how, many patents and an own “in-house” production make the company Sonitron a European leader in a segment of piezo components.

An absolute majority of Sonitron components is resistant to harsh environment, dust and gases. In the offer we can find many types usable in critical applications (medical, military and other). Thanks to this fact, Sonitron also supplies such customers like for example NATO, Volvo and AirBus.

Directly from our stock, we´re able to provide you with many piezo components – piezo elements (transducers, without a driver) but also with drivers (sirens, buzzers) usually working in a very wide voltage range (for example 2-35V). A more detailed description of a piezo technology and description of products can be found in the Sonitron catalogue (25MB).
In case of interest even in non-stock types, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

I´m interested in a sample!

Sonitron – piezo transducers, which you can rely on – [Link]

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