644/1284 Narrow – The smallest Atmega644/1284-based board

644/1284 Narrow – The smallest Atmega644/1284-based board

644 Narrow and 1284 Narrow are the simplest and perfect upgrade option for all your small footprint Arduino projects. The Narrow board gives you 2 to 8 times more flash and RAM resources as compared to a Uno/Nano, plus total compatibility.

  • A large amount of effective Flash and RAM. Effective because the code generated on 8 bits MCU is much smaller than on 32 bits MCUs. Hence you can load a bigger program on these 64k/128K MCU than on a 256k 32 bits MCU! Atmega644/1284 also have EEPROM that adds to the total storage capabilities.
  • A small footprint. Narrow boards are approximately 1/5 the of the surface of a Mega2560 board, and half its current consumption.
  • Perfect Arduino compatibility. Ten more digital I/Os and one more UART port.
  • Best choice for your 5 volts projects.

The project is going soon to launch on CrowdSuppy.com

UPDATE 03/07/2020: The project is now live on Crowdsupply.com

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Thierry Guennou

Hello, If you would like a prototype board, the project is live now on https://www.crowdsupply.com/pandauino/narrow

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