A Sneak Peak into WIZnet board – W6100-EVB-PICO.

A Sneak Peak into WIZnet board – W6100-EVB-PICO.


W6100-EVB-Pico is a microcontroller evaluation board that is based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 and features a fully hardwired TCP/IP controller, W6100. It basically functions in the same manner as the Raspberry Pi Pico board, but it also includes additional Ethernet connectivity through W6100.

W6100-EVB is an evaluation board for the W6100S chip that is built on the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 architecture and has hardware that is pin-compatible with Arduino Uno Rev. 3.  It has two push button switches (SW) and 1 RGB LED for assistance. In addition, it is supported by a port ethernet connector as well as a USB-micro type B connector, both of which come with an SWD and an ISP interface. The W6100-EVB-Pico additionally comes equipped with a Raspberry Pi RP2040.


  • Digital peripherals: There are a total of 30 General Purpose IO with many functions, four of which can be utilized for ADC. It comes with two UARTs, two I2Cs, two SPIs, and sixteen PWM channels.  Offers one Timer with four alerts and one Real Time Counter as standard features. It has a total of 8 state machines and two programmable input/output (PIO) blocks. High-speed input/output that is configurable by the user and is flexible. It is able to imitate a variety of interfaces, including SD Card and VGA. It comes with the W6100.
  • The RP2040 microcontroller features a dual-core cortex M0+ at up to 133MHz and is equipped with 2 MBytes of Flash memory.
  • It comes equipped with 264 kB of multi-bank high-performance SRAM. Moreover, it has an internal memory of 16 kB for use as TX/RX buffers.
  • Moreover, there is an external Quad-SPI flash with execute-in-place (XIP) functionality.
  • It is a full-crossbar bus fabric that offers exceptional performance.
  • It is accompanied by a 12-bit 500 ksps Analogue to Digital Converter.
  • It is powered by 1.8-3.3 V IO Voltage (NOTE: the voltage of the Pico IO is always 3.3 V) (ADC)

As shown in the picture above, the W6100-EVB-Pico pinout is directly linked to the GPIO of the RP2040. The pinout is the same as the Raspberry Pi Pico board. Inside the board, however, GPIO16, GPIO17, GPIO18, GPIO19, GPIO20, and GPIO21 are all linked to W6100. These pins let the W5100S communicate to the SPI to use the Ethernet function. In the case of using the Ethernet function, it cannot use these pins for anything else.

  • It offers support for hardwired internet protocols such as TCP, UDP, IPv6, IPv4, ICMPv6, ICMPv4, IGMP, MLDv1, ARP, and PPPoE. In addition to this, it is capable of simultaneously supporting eight separate sockets and has 32 kB of memory.
  • Serial Peripheral Interface: A Micro-USB B port for power and data (as well as for reprogramming the Flash) is provided. A 40-pin, 21×51 “DIP”-style printed circuit board with 0.1″ through-hole pins and edge castellations is one of the features of this product. In addition to that, it features a 3-pin ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD) port and an inbuilt 10/100 Ethernet PHY. It is compatible with Automatic Negotiation. It built-in RJ45 (RB1-125BAG1A) and built-in LDO (LM8805SF5-33V)
  • The dimension is 75 x 21 mm.

A brief IPv4/IPv6 tutorial for this board is available on Hackster.io for the Arduino IDE. Moreover, a GitHub repository, including several examples, such as UDP, WebClient, Webserver, etc., is accessible.

On Mouser.com, the W6100-EVB-PICO is available for $17.58. Yet, even when these gadgets are out of stock, you can still order them on backorder.

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