AISLER launches Budget Manufacturing: the most economic electronics manufacturing choice on the planet

AISLER launches Budget Manufacturing: the most economic electronics manufacturing choice on the planet

AISLER, the electronics industry’s most affordable electronics manufacturing service announced today that it has launched a new offering called Budget 💰 Manufacturing: the most economic electronics manufacturing choice on the planet. Two years ago, AISLER pioneered high-quality local affordable manufacturing with its two business day Blitz ⚡ Manufacturing starting at just 12.00 Euro. For designs that don’t require two business days, AISLER will start today offer an eight-business day Budget 💰 Manufacturing category starting as low as 6.00 Euro.

AISLER’s strategy centers around three key components: simplicity, affordability and speed. Starting today, AISLER will double down on simplicity and affordability while offering a new choice for speed. Just as Blitz ⚡ manufacturing, Budget 💰 manufacturing is manufactured locally in a location near the engineer and comes with the same great specifications but with a much better price tag.

“We believe engineers know how to decide whether a project is urgent, or whether it can wait a couple of days extra. Offering the Budget 💰 Manufacturing Option allows them to iterate twice as often for the same amount of money. Which option would be right for the use case, that’s up to them to decide.”

says Felix Plitzko, CEO and Co-Founder of the company.

AISLER’s focus from the start was to create a simple manufacturing service for Electrical Engineers. This includes accepting native file formats from Altium Designer, KiCad, Eagle, Fusion360, Fritzing, Target3001!, SprintLayout and LibrePCB in addition to Gerber-Files generated from all other PCB Design Tools. A preview allows to directly control the import and double-check whether the project has been interpreted correctly. AISLER directly renders the manufacturing data and gives a guarantee that the online board rendering is an exact twin of the physical copy the customer receives, allowing the engineer to detect costly errors before the board is manufactured. Of course, the project is directly quoted and can be ordered instantly.

AISLER simplifies electronics manufacturing and serves as a convenient one-stop-shop for circuit boards, parts, stencils and assembly.

“Engineers should be in the driver seat at all times. Whether the project needs a Kit that is made of unassembled boards, parts and stencil, or a full-blown assembly. It should be the engineer’s choice, really. We will ensure that it reaches the engineer, at the right time and the right price-point desired for the project.”

Felix Plitzko elaborates.

Whenever speed wasn’t needed ordering Blitz ⚡ manufacturing would be a pure waste of precious resources. With today’s announcement, AISLER closes this gap, allowing engineers to choose whether to iterate twice as fast, or twice as much.

“Electrical Engineers build tomorrow’s products and lead Europe’s culture of innovation. By providing Budget 💰 Manufacturing with this even more affordable price tag, we believe we can help increase iteration cycles where budgets are tight for every Electrical Engineer”

Felix Plitzko states.

Budget 💰 Manufacturing is available starting today. To every customer world-wide.


AISLER empowers agile electronics development by simplifying and speeding up electronics manufacturing services. Through its streamlined online platform, AISLER offers a wide array of electronics manufacturing services ranging from manufacturing bare prototyping circuit boards, stencils and kitting parts to fully-fledged assembly services for small and large batches. An order can be placed in seconds, not hours after a design has been uploaded.

AISLER caters to anyone in need of solving the challenges of modern iterative electronics development.

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