Arduino announced two LoRa devices in collaboration with RAKwireless

Arduino announced two LoRa devices in collaboration with RAKwireless

Arduino and RAKwireless have collaborated to announce the launch of two industrial-grade LoRa devices– WisGate Edge Lite 2 and WisGate Edge Pro. RAKwireless WisGate offers a cost-efficient solution and acts as an LPWAN base station with multiple backhaul connectivity options. The user-friendly WisGateOS2 software also makes it one of the most popular LoRaWAN gateways available on the market.

Arduino WisGate Edge Pro provides high transmission power and two fibreglass antennas with 5dBi gain making it an ideal solution for outdoor deployments. The hardware platform supports a dual LoRaWAN concentrator to provide secure and reliable connectivity. It also includes an on-pole and DIN-rail installation kit.

“To execute Arduino Pro’s vision, it was crucial to add a strong LoRaWAN gateway offering,” said Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino. “We are thrilled to have found a perfect fit in RAKwireless WisGate Edge products. We look forward to delivering compelling solutions to our customers.”

Arduino WisGate Edge Lite 2 offers coverage for indoor applications featuring an enclosed design with efficient cooling and an optional DIN rail mounting. Gateways offer high performance, leveraging a user-friendly design approach, detailed tutorials and technical documentation. The hardware provides the flexibility for implementing private networks directly connecting to the cloud platform and is also compatible with public networks.

WisGate Features

  • Secure Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity
  • High transmission power and dual fiberglass antennas with 5dBi gain (WisGate Edge Pro only)
  • Choose the coverage you need: WisGate Edge Lite 2 for deep coverage in multi-story buildings, or WisGate Edge Pro for IoT commercial outdoor deployment
  • Rapid setup and diagnostics, backup and data logging thanks to an SD card slot
  • WisGateOS, powered by RAKwireless™, based on the fully customizable, open-source OpenWRT
  • Ideal for implementing private networks directly connected to cloud platforms; compatible with public networks
  • Limited cabling for installation thanks to POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Comprehensive technical documentation by RAKwireless™
  • Easy installation: WisGate Edge Lite 2 comes with an enclosure designed for efficient cooling and optional DIN rail mounting; WisGate Edge Pro includes an on-pole and DIN-rail installation kit

On the software side, the gateways support RAKwireless WisGateOS, based on fully customizable open-source OpenWRT. As a unified operating system for WisGate Edge gateways, RAKwireless aims to replace the different firmware available in the market.

“At RAKwireless we have spent the last 8 years developing best-in-class hardware and software for the LoRaWAN ecosystem,” added Ken Yu, CEO of RAKwireless. “We are very proud to see our gateways, both indoors and outdoors, selected to join the Arduino Pro lineup. Together we will help our customers build and expand LoRaWAN infrastructures with reliable equipment.”

At the LoRa Alliance World Expo, Arduino and RAKwireless demonstrated the LoRa gateways at the RAKwireless Booth 36A. The product pages are still not up and running on the Ardunio e-commerce store, but the company has offered interested folks to contact them directly at the Arduino Pro custom support.

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