ATtiny85 Thermocouple Thermometer measures up to +1350°C

ATtiny85 Thermocouple Thermometer measures up to +1350°C


This project describes a thermocouple thermometer, capable of measuring temperatures up to +1350°C, using just an ATtiny85 and an OLED display. by David Johnson-Davies @

It uses the ATtiny85’s analogue-to-digital converter with a x20 gain option to measure the thermocouple voltage, and the internal temperature sensor to measure the ambient temperature (shown on the bottom line of the display), and it gives readings accurate to better than 5°C. Some possible applications include a cooking thermometer, a soldering-iron temperature monitor, or a wood burning stove temperature display.

ATtiny85 Thermocouple Thermometer measures up to +1350°C  – [Link]

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