BOXER-6638U: Embedded Computing on the Frontlines of Pandemic Response and Prevention

BOXER-6638U: Embedded Computing on the Frontlines of Pandemic Response and Prevention

AAEON, an industry leader in IoT and AI edge computing solutions, is helping to power the pandemic response with the BOXER-6638U rugged embedded box PC. Featuring Intel® Core™ i3 processors, the BOXER-6638U brings the power of industrial computing to mobile X-ray machines, used to perform chest X-ray scans of suspected COVID-19 patients. This vital equipment helps increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, and prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The spread of Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19, previously known as “2019 novel coronavirus”) has had serious worldwide impact, becoming the largest and most widespread epidemic in the past century. The impact to human lives and global economies is severe. The workload and stress endured by the medical professionals on the frontline of containment and prevention is immeasurable. Alongside these medical professionals is the mobile X-ray machine developed by AAEON’s customers to help accelerate the diagnosis of diseases, saving time and effort.

At the heart of these mobile X-ray machines is the BOXER-6638U from AAEON. To integrate into this vital medical equipment, AAEON’s customers have strict requirements for specifications and testing. The BOXER-6638U meets these requirements and offers the additional benefits of being lightweight and easy to integrate into the device. With a fanless design and rugged construction, the BOXER-6638U has proven reliability with a failure rate below 0.2%. The BOXER-6638U meets the customer’s requirements for provide redundant communication methods to provide accurate data in real time on site. Meeting customers’ needs for flexibility and customization is what drives AAEON’s business philosophy of developing and manufacturing industrial computers, and has for nearly 30 years.

The BOXER-6638U is equipped with the Intel® Core™ i3 5010U processor, providing low power consumption and high performance. With rugged, fanless construction, it can operate in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C and operate without errors in places with drastic temperature changes. Compact and lightweight, the BOXER-6638U can easily integrate with new systems or upgrade existing infrastructure. The BOXER-6638U offers I/O features including DisplayPort, two Ethernet ports and antenna hookups for wired and wireless transmission, two Mini-Card expansion slots, and storage with mSATA, HDD/SSD slots.

“Our customers in China who specialize in manufacturing medical equipment purchased nearly a thousand BOXER-6638U box PCs, which were installed in mobile X-ray machines deployed to key hospitals,” said Alex Hsueh, Director of AAEON’s System Platform Division. “In this fight to prevent the spread of the pandemic, AAEON products have been working effectively on the forefront with several platforms and solutions employed in various applications. AAEON is proud to be a part of this ongoing effort and every member of the AAEON Team looks forward to our continued contributions,” Alex added.

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