IPS-354 Radar Sensor – InnoSenT’s mid-range motion detector

IPS-354 Radar Sensor – InnoSenT’s mid-range motion detector


InnoSenT’s IPS-354 operates in the 24 GHz ISM band and was developed for classic industrial radar applications, especially as a motion sensor for escalators. It is a K-band transceiver with two antennas; the split of the transmitting and receiving path enables maximum gain. For signal intensification, it also comes with an IF pre-amplifier. Its bandwidth is limited to lower the noise floor. Because of its stability in frequency, one version is usable for worldwide use. This product is also available with a wider beam by the manufacturer directly.

The IPS-354 detects the velocity and direction of moving objects in a mid-range coverage area and offers detection range up to 30 meters. The sensor uses a stereo (dual-channel) operation for the identification of motion direction.

To get information about the distance and presence of objects, an FMCW version of the IPS-354 is also available. The IVS-362 detects moving and stationary objects and recognizes distance.


  • 24 GHz ISM band
  • K-band transceiver
  • Analog radar
  • Split transmit and receive path for maximum gain
  • IF-pre-amplifier
  • Bandwidth-limited for lowest noise performance
  • Stereo (dual-channel) operation
  • CW-radar module
  • Motion detection
  • Velocity measurement
  • Direction detection
  • Mid-range detection area
  • Certified and approved according to FCC rule 15C, RED article 3.2


  • Motion detectors
  • Door openers
  • Industrial device controls
  • Building automation
  • Escalator controls
  • Triggers for technical products or devices
  • Radar-based speed measurement
  • Industrial automation and building technologies

more information: www.innosent.de

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