Broadcom APDS-9251 and APDS-9253 ambient light sensors

Broadcom APDS-9251 and APDS-9253 ambient light sensors

The Broadcom® APDS-9251-001 and APDS-9253-001 devices are low-voltage digital RGB, IR and ambient light sensor device that convert light intensity to digital output signals.

Key features

  • Up to 20-bit resolution
  • I2C compatible interface with dedicated interrupt pin
  • Individual channels for red (R), green (G), blue (B) and infrared (IR)
  • Approximate human eye response with green channel

Additional features

The devices use four individual channels of red, green, blue, and IR (RGB+IR) in a specially designed matrix arrangement. This allows the devices to have optimal angular response and accurate RGB spectral response with high lux accuracy over various light sources. They support I2C-bus interface and have a programmable interrupt controller that takes minimal micro-controller (MCU) resources. The color-sensing feature is useful in applications such as LED RGB backlight control, solid-state lighting, reflected LED color sampler and fluorescent light color temperature detection. With the IR sensing feature, the devices can be used to read the IR content in certain lighting condition and detect the type of light source.

Further features:

  • Miniature package size: L2.00 x W2.00 x H0.65 mm (APDS-9251-001)
  • Miniature package size: L1.70 x W1.30 x H0.60 mm (APDS-9253-001)
  • Precise light intensity measurements under diverse lighting conditions and various attentuation materials including dark glass
  • ALS and RGB sensing with integrated IR-blocking filter
  • Specially designed matrix arrangement of photodiodes to have optimal angular response
  • Low power consumption


  • OLED display control
  • RGB LED backlight control
  • Ambient light color temperature sensing
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