ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY W09616 0.84” Micro OLED Displays

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY W09616 0.84” Micro OLED Displays


ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY W09616 0.84” Micro OLED Displays are 96 x 16 dot matrix displays with a 0.22mm pixel pitch that consume low power of 15mA. These OLED displays are capable of offering bright white content with unlimited viewing angles. The W09616 micro OLED displays come included with an SSD1306B controller and feature a 10µs fast response time even at -40°C extreme temperature. These 0.84” OLED graphic displays are ideally suitable for handheld applications.

The EA W096016-XALW incorporates an I²C bus interface and a 10.5mm FPC cable for direct spot welding to the circuit board. The EA W096016-XBLW is equipped with both an I²C bus and an SPI interface. This can be plugged into a 0.3mm ZIFF connector using a 34mm FPC cable with no welding.


  • 0.84” low-power OLED (15mA typical) displays
  • 96×16 dots matrix displays
  • Bright white content with unlimited viewing angles
  • 10µs fast response time even at -40°C
  • -40°C to 80°C operating temperature range
  • Include controller SSD1306B
  • EA W096016-XALW:
    • I²C-Bus interface
  • EA W096016-XBLW:
    • I²C-Bus and SPI interface (3- and 4-wire)
  • Connection by stamp soldering or ZIFF connector

more information: https://www.lcd-module.com

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