Environmental Sensor FeatherWing Measures Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Air Quality

Environmental Sensor FeatherWing Measures Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Air Quality

Add the capability to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, eCO2 and TVOC to your project! The Environmental Sensor FeatherWing is the perfect mate for the Icarus IoT Dev Board or any other FeatherWing compatible board to do so. Connect an SD card or even an external I2C Sensor with Grove connector. The Environmental Sensor FeatherWing features the sensors Bosch BME280, AMS CCS811, TI OPT3002 and SI SI7060.

“Measure air quality and other metrics with ease,” Actinius writes of the upcoming design. “Using the onboard sensors and the libraries added to the Zephyr OS, you can introduce Air Quality and other environmental metrics to your application in a jiff! Add the sensor to any FeatherWing compatible board of choice (such as the [Actinius] Icarus), in order to start gathering data while keeping the overall board size to a minimum.

“Use the FeatherWing with our Icarus board and benefit from using ready-to-use firmware without needing to download, develop or build the firmware yourself (coming soon). Modest in power requirements, the sensors on the FeatherWing enable use-cases that involve small-sized and portable, battery powered devices.”

More information, though not yet a data sheet, is available on the official product page, where the board is available to pre-order priced at €49.50 excluding VAT (around $54.) The first shipments are scheduled for the second week of December, the company has confirmed.

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