Epishine’s world unique solar cell provides power indoors down at ~2 uW/cm²

Epishine’s world unique solar cell provides power indoors down at ~2 uW/cm²

Now it’s here. Epishine’s ”light cell” can change how we power small electronics – a thin and flexible organic solar cell that can be integrated into sensors, consumer electronics, and other low power devices to reduce or eliminate the need of batteries.

“We are very proud to have taken the results from more than 25 years of research into this product. What makes it even better is that we have also developed a production process that is scalable into large volumes. This makes us one of the global leading actors in printed organic solar cells”,

says Anna Björklou, new CEO of Epishine.

Epishine’s light cells are non-toxic, based on organic electronics, and encapsulated in recyclable plastics. The unique scalability is due to the fact that the entire manufacturing process is based on different printing techniques, roll-to-roll. The thin and flexible cells can easily be integrated into typical plastic-based electronics housings.

“We can now offer a product that completely redefines the possibilities for anyone developing low-power wireless devices for instance for the growing IoT and PropTech markets. You can now develop products that don’t dependent on expensive battery replacements”,

says the sales director Jonas Palmér, Epishine.

The global digital transformation requires more and more dataflow between the physical and digital worlds. This will rapidly lead to a countless number of small sensors and displays, that today are powered by batteries. This is not sustainable, neither from an environmental perspective nor from a maintenance perspective.


  • Ideal for powering wireless indoor low-power applications, such as IoT devices, various sensors, etc.
  • Made from low-cost organic materials.
  • Reduces environmental impact by up to 99% and cuts maintenance costs by replacing batteries in wireless devices.
  • Intended for use indoors and under indoor light conditions, e.g. office, supermarket, home, etc.
  • Flexible, compact and lightweight design with 0.2 mm thickness.
  • Available in 6 standard sizes: 20, 30 and 50 mm with 6 or 8 cells.
  • Semi-transparent module area for easy integration.

Epishine’s cutting-edge light cell is optimized for ambient light indoors. All electronic devices that today are powered by small batteries that last for a year or more can potentially be powered by harvesting ordinary indoor light with this innovation.



The new Swedish light cell that Epishine is starting to sell today is manufactured in an industrial process with capacity for the world market.

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