Flir C5 – Industrial pocket-sized IR camera with Cloud connectivity

Flir C5 – Industrial pocket-sized IR camera with Cloud connectivity

Flir C5 brings all the best from older C3 but features several major improvements. The main are 4x higher IR resolution (160x120px) and the WiFi + Bluetooth connectivity. Simply put, the ideal thermal camera for the fieldwork.

If you liked the popular pocket-sized industrial thermal cameras Flir C2 and C3 Series, you would certainly love the new C5.

Main features:

  • 4x higher IR resolution (160x120px) comparing to C3 model
  • Instant backup of your images to Flir Image Cloud Ignite (FREE 1 GB Storage, software available on PC and mobile).
  • Automatic or Manual setting of level and span of temperatures of your measuring object? All available at one click.
  • 3,5” LCD screen (+36% more area in comparison to C3)
  • 5MPx visual camera
  • Double the operating battery life up to 4 hrs
  • Possibility to input notes and edit in the gallery, directly in the camera
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • IP rating 54
  • Measuring range -20 to +400°C

Naturally, even the Flir C5 features MSX function for overlaying images in an infrared and visible spectrum for easier identification.

It’s worth saying that in contrast with some cheaper types of infrared cameras on the market, stored images are fully thermometric, i.e. the stored image file carries information about the temperature of every pixel measured with IR camera with the possibility to post-process in Flir tools SW.

With Flir C5, you can edit images and use the Cloud feature to create and share reports directly from the measurement point much faster and easier. In many cases, you do not have to sit by the computer, but create a report from the measurement directly in the field.

In case you need more information about FLIR products, we are glad to help you at

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