Grove Vision AI V2 Features Himax WiseEye2 and Arm Ethos-U55 MicroNPU

Grove Vision AI V2 Features Himax WiseEye2 and Arm Ethos-U55 MicroNPU


SeedStudio has recently introduced the “Grove Vision AI V2” An AI-based camera module based on the HiMax WiseEye2 HX6538 dual-core Cortex-M55 AI microcontroller. The module works with an OV5647 camera module, and can be used for AI computer vision applications.

Previously we have covered Tokay Lite, ADLINK AI camera, UnitV2, and many other AI camera modules, feel free to check those out if interested in the topic.

The HiMax WiseEye2 HX6538 is a high-performance, ultra-low power AI microcontroller, featuring an Arm-based Cortex M55 CPU and Ethos U55 NPU, designed for a wide range of AI applications including industrial automation, smart cities, and IoT devices. This chip is designed in a joint effort by Himax Technologies and Seeed Studio, as a result, it now has a 32-fold increase in inference speed and 50-fold improvement in energy efficiency over its predecessor H6537, making it a leading choice for endpoint AI solutions and innovations in vision AI.

Grove Vision AI V2 specifications:

  • Microcontroller: Equipped with the Himax WiseEye2 HX6538 processor, featuring a dual-core Arm Cortex-M55 and an integrated Arm Ethos-U55 microNPU.
  • Processor Frequencies:
    • Arm Cortex-M55 (Big) – Up to 400MHz
    • Arm Cortex-M55 (Little) – Up to 150MHz
    • Arm Ethos-U55 MicroNPU – Up to 400MHz
  • Onboard Peripherals: Includes a PDM Microphone and an SD Card Slot.
  • Interface Options:
    • Camera Interface: Standard CSI for OV5647 camera module.
    • Other Interfaces: IIC, UART, SPI, and USB Type-C.
  • Power Supply Options: Supported through a dual 7-pin connector, USB Type-C, and a Grove Connector.
  • Input Voltage: 5V power input.
  • Internal System Memory:
    • Configurable system memory, up to 2432KB
    • 64KB boot ROM
  • Storage Options:
    • Memory Card Interface supporting up to 1x SD and SDIO host in DS mode at up to 25MHz.
    • Additional 16MB flash storage for firmware.
  • Default UART Speed: Communication rate set at 115200.
  • I2C Interface Compatibility: Compatible with Seeed Studio XIAO and Arduino platforms.
  • Firmware Burning Interface: Via USB Type-C.

Seeed Studio offers resources for Arduino programming, SenseCraft AI model deployment, Home Assistant integration, and advanced Himax SDK guidance, all accessible via their wiki. The Grove Vision AI V2 is ideal for industrial automation, smart cities, transportation, smart agriculture, and battery-powered IoT devices.

The Grove Vision AI Module V2 is available on Seeed Studio for $15.99, which includes only the board. There is also the option to buy the Kit which will cost you $28.88.

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