IcyBlue Feather FPGA Board Gets a Modern Makeover with USB Type-C Connector

IcyBlue Feather FPGA Board Gets a Modern Makeover with USB Type-C Connector

Oak Development Technologies introduces the upgraded IcyBlue Feather FPGA Board, Version 2, featuring hardware enhancements and the modern USB Type-C connector. Powered by the Lattice Semi iCE5LP4K FPGA, this open-hardware board provides a versatile platform for FPGA development, now with improved connectivity and compatibility.

“IcyBlue combines the capabilities of the iCE40 FPGA with the popular Adafruit Feather form factor, expanding the possibilities for FPGA design,” says Seth Kerr, spokesperson for Oak Development Technologies. “With support for a wide range of sensors and add-ons, including Adafruit Feather wings, IcyBlue simplifies the FPGA learning curve, offering a seamless experience for both beginners and experienced developers.”

The original IcyBlue Feather debuted in February last year, offering a distinct FPGA feather tailored for the Lattice Semi iCE5LP4K. While maintaining the same FPGA core, the new iteration introduces significant enhancements. Key among these is adopting the modern USB Type-C connector for streamlined data and power connectivity, alongside various undisclosed “hardware bug fixes.”

usb type c connectivity
usb type c connectivity

Notably, the redesign retains all the features of its predecessor: two hardware I2C and SPI blocks that do not consume FPGA resources, two user-addressable single-color LEDs, an RGB LED, and 22 general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins accessible via Feather-format breadboard-friendly headers.

The new board is available to order on the Oak Development Technologies Tindie store at $74.95; design files and documentation are available on GitHub under a combined hardware/software MIT license.

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