Instrumems Launches Into Flow Sensor Market With a Breakthrough Multi-sense Solution

Instrumems Launches Into Flow Sensor Market With a Breakthrough Multi-sense Solution

Instrumems announced its formal entry into the flow sensor market with a breakthrough solution that offers multi-sense capabilities. The company is an innovative spin-off of Princeton University research developed by Professor Marcus Hultmark and Dr. Gilad Arwatz. Instrumems was founded to advance flow sensing capabilities and broaden adoption into more markets such as medical, IoT, and industrial applications. Instrumems’ product is a multi-sense solution that is the first-and-only to measure accurate flow and temperature, including very low flow, using a single sensor. The company is also expanding capabilities of the physical sensor by using real-time edge computing with advanced algorithms.

Instrumems’ platform is ideal for low-power applications that require real-time sensing in respiratory devices, such as CPAP machines, smart inhalers, and ventilators. Its multi-sense solution is also optimal for thermal management and instrumentation that requires precise flow measurement. Instrumems plans to announce expanded support for additional sensing parameters, such as bubble detection and gas detection.

The flow sensor market is estimated to be approximately $7.5 billion. Demand for airflow sensors is growing across industrial automation and end-user industries, including automotive, data centers, healthcare, medical devices, building automation, food and beverage, and more.

Instrumems’ vision is to bring smart sensing solutions to any device by digitizing data and providing real-time flow sensor visibility and control in areas previously impossible. Products that require flow sensors face many constraints, including form factor, battery life, cost, speed, and sensor accuracy. Today’s flow sensors are exorbitant and bulky, making them uneconomical and inadequate to adopt into consumer products or high-volume applications.

“There’s no other combined temperature and flow sensor in the market today that is as small, low power, fast, and economical as Instrumems’ multi-sense flow solution. Our sensing technology opens the door for a multitude of industries to integrate cutting-edge flow sensors into places previously unworkable due to cost, accuracy, and form factor,” said Gilad Arwatz, Instrumems’ founder and CEO. “Our innovative sensing technology enables customers to modernize, miniaturize, or reinvent their products to be more competitive and aesthetically appealing.”

Instrumems executive team brings expertise in several areas, including flow control, high-precision nano sensors, fluid mechanics, and microelectronics design and development. The executive team includes CEO Gilad Arwatz, who holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University. Gilad is a serial entrepreneur, having founded other startups in IoT, smart packaging, and AdTech. Vice President of Operations, Ashish Shah, is responsible for developing a high-volume supply chain and project management. Sun Choi serves as Vice President of Business Development and is responsible for expanding into new markets. Instrumems has raised $4 million in seed funding from IP Group and PeopleFund.

Instrumems has an evaluation kit available to demonstrate its flow and temperature sensing and can quickly customize the sensor’s packaging to fit a range of applications. Interested parties can contact

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