LILYGO T-Panel Combines ESP32-S3 and ESP32-H2 with A 4-inch HMI Display

LILYGO T-Panel Combines ESP32-S3 and ESP32-H2 with A 4-inch HMI Display


The LILYGO T-Panel is a compact module that works as both a display and a control center for smart devices. It has a 4-inch screen and can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth. It also supports smart home standards like Zigbee, Thread, and Matter. Plus, it has options for adding more features.

Last year, Espressif showed that you can make an IoT Hub with two ESP modules with their ESP Thread Border Router, and this year we found out about the LILYGO T-Panel which is the first product to use this idea, combining two ESP modules in one board as A IoT Hub.

The company mentions the device will support programming with Arduino IDE and PlatformIO-IDE. However, as mentioned in the GitHub repository, the ESP32-H2 model can only be programmed using the Arduino IDE. repository. In the repository, you will also find firmware for ESP32-S3 and ESP32-H2 models, examples for using the main features like the display, RS485, SD card, and WiFi, and the PDF schematics.

After going through the resources you will find that like other LILYGO products, the T-Panel requires users to program software themselves to get started. For that, you can either use Arduino code or firmware from Espressif’s ESP Thread Border Router SDK.

LILYGO T-Panel Dual MCU IoT Hub Specifications:

  • MCU1 (Microcontroller Unit 1)
    • ESP32-S3
    • Flash Memory: 16MB
    • PSRAM: 8MB
    • Wireless Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 (LE)
  • MCU2 (Microcontroller Unit 2)
    • ESP32-H2
    • Flash Memory: 4MB
    • Wireless Connectivity: IEEE 802.15.4 + Bluetooth 5 (LE)
  • Development Compatibility
    • Supports programming with Arduino, PlatformIO-IDE, and Micropython
  • Display
    • 4.00-inch 480×480 IPS ST7701S LCD
    • Visible Pixels: 480(W) x 480(H)
    • Interface: SPI+RGB
    • Compatibility Libraries: Arduino_GFX, LVGL
  • Onboard Functions
    • QWiiCx2 + TF Card + Antenna
    • ESP32 4 X Button= S3(Boot + RST) + H2(Boot + RST)
  • Optional Modules
    • RS485 / CAN FD Transceiver Module
    • Using bus communication protocol UART
    • XL9535 Input/Output (GPIO) Expansion Chip
    • 16-bit I2C-bus and SMBus I/O port Expander
  • Additional Features
    • Supports STEMMA QT / Qwiic connectors
    • JST-GH 1.25 mm 2-pin connector
    • Bat voltage detection IO04
    • LCD: 1.9″ diagonal, Full-color TFT Display
    • Drive Chip: ST7789V
    • Resolution: 170(H)RGB x 320(V) 8-Bit Parallel Interface
    • Working Power Supply: 3.3 V

The LILYGO T-Panel is available for purchase on AliExpress and the LILYGO official website, offering reliable options to get this product.

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