Maxim Integrated MAX20077/MAX25277 Mini Buck Converters

Maxim Integrated MAX20077/MAX25277 Mini Buck Converters


Maxim Integrated MAX20077/MAX25277 36V, 2.5A Mini Buck Converters offer integrated high-side and low-side switches and is designed to deliver up to 2.5A (2.0A for the MAX20077ATCC/VY+) with 3.5V to 36V input voltages while using only 3.5µA quiescent current at no load. The MAX20077/MAX25277 Converters provide an accurate output voltage of ±2% in FPWM mode within the standard 6V to 18V operation input range.

The Maxim MAX20077/MAX25277 Mini Converters feature 20ns minimum on-time capability allowing sizeable input-to-output conversion ratios. The converters can operate in dropout mode by running at a 99% duty cycle, making it ideal for automotive and industrial applications. The device provides two fixed output voltages (5V and 3.3V) and can configure 1V to 10V output voltages using an external resistor-divider.

The MAX20077/MAX25277 Mini Buck Converters are available in a small (3mm x 3mm), 12-pin, side-wettable TDFN package with an exposed pad and requires very few external components.


  • Synchronous DC-DC converter with integrated FETs
    • MAX20077ATCA/VY+/B/D/E = 2.5A IOUT
    • MAX20077ATCC/VY+ = 2.0A IOUT
    • 3.5µA Quiescent current in standby mode
  • Small solution size saves space
    • 20ns Minimum on-time
    • 2.1MHz or 400kHz Operating frequency
    • Programmable 1V to 10V output voltages, or fixed 5V/3.3V options available
    • Fixed 3.5ms internal soft-start
    • Fixed output voltage with ±2% output accuracy in FPWM mode (5V/3.3V), or externally resistor adjustable (1V to 10V) with ±1.5% FB accuracy
    • Innovative current-mode-control architecture minimizes total board space and BOM count
  • PGOOD Output and high-voltage EN input simplify power sequencing
  • Protection features and operating range ideal for automotive applications
    • 3.5V to 36V Operating VIN range
    • 40V Load-dump protection
    • 99% Duty-cycle operation with low dropout
    • -40°C to +125°C Automotive temperature range
    • AEC-Q100 Qualified

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